Saving Peter Watts' vampires presentation from the obsolescence of Shockwave Flash
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A presentation about the origins of vampires in Peter Watts' book Blindsight was included on the book's accompanying website. Unfortunately, it's in Flash and that's gone.

This script extracts the assets from the original SWF file, and the accompanying HTML file makes a simple viewing interface.

Build it yourself or check it out here.



Clone this project:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~ihabunek/vampires/

Download the original swf presentation and save it in the root of this project.

curl https://rifters.com/blindsight/Fizer.swf -o fizer.swf

Extract the XML representation using swfmill

swfmill swf2xml fizer.swf > fizer.xml

Extract audio and images

python3 parse.py fizer.xml

Open index.html in a browser and enjoy