Import HPS tracks data set, add basic UI
Fix error comparison to include platform_id
Sort relation members in validated data

I could swear this worked before...
Add release function for regenerating derived data
Add haversine geo distance calculation
Validate tags on platforms
Fix detecting unexpected master route members

It was presumed that members would be relations, things broke when a way
was encountered. Also added error missing error message.
Make rollback in releases work on all repos

well there is only one
Better naming for matched/unmatched routes
Simplify naming
Use stored distance in validator
Use derived data for route detail view
Store sample trip ID in derived data, simplify schemas
Validate platform distance from route
Reorganize validator to use new data
Split validation from persisting errors
Validate and regenerate derived data after update
Calculate and store derived data for public transport
Filter PT relations by type, add docs