ref: f66c43139d76b7a26925de4e29498ff1473c0950 triglav/lib/triglav/schemas d---------
Store sample trip ID in derived data, simplify schemas
Validate platform distance from route
Reorganize validator to use new data
Validate and regenerate derived data after update
Calculate and store derived data for public transport
Add missing primary key column to Zet.Stop
Differentiate between whole roundabouts and fragments
Validate relation member roles
Remove legacy code for processing osm2pgsql data
Make errors persistent
Validate gtfs stop ids populated
Rework fetching and matching stops

Various changes, biggest being that ways are considered as well as
Add a materialized view for distinct zet routes
Show route relations on map
Migrate stops page to Osmosis data
Clean up TagAccess
Migrate validator to osmosis-imported data
Data status page
Rename wrongly named schemas

Will I ever stop confusing osmium and osmosis?
Add schemas for osmosis tables