ref: d1b5915f3e023d04850eabf702bda7207a337302 triglav/lib d---------
Validate platform distance from route
Reorganize validator to use new data
Split validation from persisting errors
Validate and regenerate derived data after update
Calculate and store derived data for public transport
Filter PT relations by type, add docs
Add missing primary key column to Zet.Stop
Add Router.route_all
Fix router bug when relation contains a single way
Make Router return geometry in correct SRID
Use new router functions for validation
Add timing to validate routes task
Don't fetch nodes for routing
Tweaks to the route match page
Implement matching OSM relations to GTFS trips
Use distinct trips database view
Remove unused imports
Don't break when relation has no platform members
Improve mapping, draw exact route
Differentiate between whole roundabouts and fragments