ref: 679690ab4802d018b56a1a4ef21d50e8842f3078 triglav/lib/triglav_web d---------
Use derived data for route detail view
Don't fetch nodes for routing
Tweaks to the route match page
Implement matching OSM relations to GTFS trips
Use distinct trips database view
Don't break when relation has no platform members
Improve mapping, draw exact route
Update the homepage with some links
Fix bug where master route was not shown
Show only unresloved errors
Add a namespace for custom fields in feed
Clean up feed urls and iris
Add title and content to error history feed items
Error history with atom feed
Remove legacy code for processing osm2pgsql data
Order unmatched stops and remove duplicates
Cleanup css util classes
Show platforms in route detail view

Highlight missing gtfs stop_ids
Rework fetching and matching stops

Various changes, biggest being that ways are considered as well as
Limit map width