ref: 3a62b8feb3be418cf9f3fb176ac6c84a36e66a2f triglav/lib/triglav/zet d---------
Validate tags on platforms
Fix detecting unexpected master route members

It was presumed that members would be relations, things broke when a way
was encountered. Also added error missing error message.
Validate platform distance from route
Reorganize validator to use new data
Filter PT relations by type, add docs
Use new router functions for validation
Implement matching OSM relations to GTFS trips
Use distinct trips database view
Differentiate between whole roundabouts and fragments
Validate relation member roles
Show only unresloved errors
Error history with atom feed
Remove legacy code for processing osm2pgsql data
Make errors persistent
Make route naming validator work with multiple via
Validate gtfs stop ids populated
Rework fetching and matching stops

Various changes, biggest being that ways are considered as well as
Show route relations on map
Migrate routes pages to osmosis data
Migrate stops page to Osmosis data