Remove test JS code
Move inline js code into a function
Remove unused alias
Draw the elevation map using HTML canvas
Load HPS traces, not very robust but it's a start
Fix atom route, was matched by detail route
Don't take platform_id into account when comparing errors

platform_id is regenerated every time derived data is calculated so it
will change, causing the error to be re-created.
Show warning when no GTFS trips are included
Fix route annotation when no trips exist in gtfs
Add option to limit number of osm updates applied
Show created/resloved errors in error history
Store created/resolved error ids in history
Import HPS tracks data set, add basic UI
Fix error comparison to include platform_id
Sort relation members in validated data

I could swear this worked before...
Add release function for regenerating derived data
Add haversine geo distance calculation
Validate tags on platforms
Fix detecting unexpected master route members

It was presumed that members would be relations, things broke when a way
was encountered. Also added error missing error message.
Make rollback in releases work on all repos

well there is only one