Tiny CLI interface for searching nabava.net
Fix to work after web redesign
Add availability
Extract some functions


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


CLI for searching nabava.net.

Requires requests-html.


./nabava.py asrock b550


Supernet             B550 PHANTOM GAMING 4; Brand: ASRock; Model: B550 PHANTOM G…      977,34 kn
Acquisitum Magnum    094.500.170 - Asrock B550 Phantom Gaming 4, AM4, 90-MXBCY0-…    1.048,99 kn
Futura IT            Asrock B550 PHANTOM GAMING 4, Ryzen 3gen only, S.AM4 0202348    1.049,00 kn
Supernet             B550 PHANTOM GAMING 4/AC; Brand: ASRock; Model: B550 PHANTO…    1.090,62 kn
PCshop               0202348 - B550 PHANTOM GAMING 4 - - B550 PHANTOM GAMING 4, …    1.095,18 kn
Supernet             B550 PRO4; Brand: ASRock; Model: B550 PRO4; PartNo: B550 PR…    1.151,51 kn
UziShop              ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4, The ASRock B550 B550 Phantom …    1.157,00 kn
Acquisitum Magnum    094.500.171 - Asrock B550 Pro4, AM4, 90-MXBCZ0-A0UAYZ shape…    1.161,00 kn
UziShop              ASRock B550M Pro4, The ASRock B550M Pro4 is based on the AM…    1.175,00 kn
Sancta Domenica      Matična ploča Asrock B550 PHANTOM GAMING 4/AC OPISB550 PHAN…    1.179,00 kn
Futura IT            Asrock B550 PRO4 0202346                                        1.210,50 kn
PCshop               0202347 - B550 PHANTOM GAMING 4/AC - B550 PHANTOM GAMING 4/…    1.222,13 kn
Sancta Domenica      Matična ploča Asrock B550 PRO4 OPISB550 PRO4, AM4, DDR4, Br…    1.249,00 kn
PCshop               0202346 - B550 PRO4 - B550 PRO4 - B550 PRO4, AM4, DDR4, Bro…    1.290,36 kn
UziShop              ASRock B550 Extreme4, The ASRock B550 Extreme4 is based on …    1.861,00 kn
Supernet             B550 PG VELOCITA; Brand: ASRock; Model: B550 PG VELOCITA ; …    1.886,48 kn
PCshop               0202345 - B550 PG VELOCITA - B550 PG VELOCITA - B550 PG VEL…    1.997,43 kn
UziShop              ASRock B550 PG Velocita, The ASRock B550 PG Velocita is bas…    2.073,00 kn