A REST API for the perennial TodoMVC, for education and demonstration purposes.


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A simple REST API for notes, built in Feathers.


This project uses Feathers. An open source web framework for building modern real-time applications.

#Getting Started

Getting up and running is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Make sure you have NodeJS and npm installed.

  2. Install your dependencies

    cd path/to/notes-api
    npm install
  3. Start your app

    npm start


Simply run npm test and all your tests in the test/ directory will be run.


Feathers has a powerful command line interface. Here are a few things it can do:

$ npm install -g @feathersjs/cli          # Install Feathers CLI

$ feathers generate service               # Generate a new Service
$ feathers generate hook                  # Generate a new Hook
$ feathers help                           # Show all commands


For more information on all the things you can do with Feathers visit docs.feathersjs.com.