[mirror] Zig bindings for wlroots
build: bump version to 0.17.2-dev
build: bump version to 0.17.1
build: update to Zig 0.13.0


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Idiomatic Zig bindings for wlroots.

The main repository is on codeberg, which is where the issue tracker may be found and where contributions are accepted.

Read-only mirrors exist on sourcehut and github.

#Completion status

Large parts of the wlroots API are fully bound, more than enough for the river Wayland compositor to use these bindings.

At this stage, I only personally add bindings for new parts of the wlroots API as required by river. If your project requires some part of the wlroots API not yet bound please open an issue or pull request on codeberg.



See tinywl.zig for an example compositor using zig-wlroots and an example of how to integrate zig-wlroots and its dependencies into your build.zig.

See the C headers of wlroots for documentation.


zig-wlroots versions have the form major.minor.revision where major and minor are the major and minor version numbers of the compatible wlroots release. The revision number is incremented for every zig-wlroots release compatible with a given wlroots release. Breaking bugfixes and breaking changes may occur in with only a revision version bump. The required Zig version may be updated with a revision version bump.

For example, zig-wlroots 0.16.42 would be compatible with wlroots 0.16, the 42 indicating that there were 42 zig-wlroots releases since the initial wlroots 0.16 compatible zig-wlroots release.

For unreleased versions, the -dev suffix is used (e.g. 0.1.0-dev).


zig-wlroots is released under the MIT (expat) license. The contents of the tinywl directory are not part of zig-wlroots and are released under the Zero Clause BSD license.