99a73793740ccb509bff568b3f8a92f070135e60 — David Mynors a month ago 536be88
Adjust git rebase keybinds, alias kubectl to k
3 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M emacs/.doom.d/config.org
M shell/.aliases
M shell/elvish/rc.elv
M emacs/.doom.d/config.org => emacs/.doom.d/config.org +16 -1
@@ 154,7 154,15 @@ adjust magit vimkeys accordingly
 (:after magit
   :map magit-mode-map
   :nv "k" 'magit-section-forward
   :nv "l" 'magit-section-backward))
   :nv "l" 'magit-section-backward

   :map git-rebase-mode-map
   :nv "j" 'evil-backward-char
   :nv "k" 'evil-next-line
   :nv "l" 'evil-previous-line
   :nv "C-k" 'git-rebase-move-line-down
   :nv "C-l" 'git-rebase-move-line-up
adjust treemacs vimkeys accordingly
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp

@@ 226,6 234,13 @@ easier movement between windows and frames (taken from [[https://github.com/Bret
   :ni "M-j" 'evil-window-left
   :ni "M-k" 'evil-window-down
   :ni "M-l" 'evil-window-up
   :ni "M-;" 'evil-window-right)

 (:after magit
   :map git-rebase-mode-map
   :ni "M-j" 'evil-window-left
   :ni "M-k" 'evil-window-down
   :ni "M-l" 'evil-window-up
   :ni "M-;" 'evil-window-right))
bind jump-backward and jump-forward to more intuitive keys

M shell/.aliases => shell/.aliases +1 -0
@@ 1,4 1,5 @@
alias q="exit"
alias k="kubectl"
alias a="archive"
alias b="buku --suggest --db ~/Dropbox/System/bookmarks.db"
alias la="ls -a"

M shell/elvish/rc.elv => shell/elvish/rc.elv +1 -0
@@ 32,6 32,7 @@ edit:insert:binding[Alt+Backspace]=$edit:kill-small-word-left~

# aliases
fn q { exit }
fn k { kubectl }
fn e [@a]{ open -a Emacs $@a }
fn gs [@a]{ git status $@a }
fn ls [@a]{ e:ls -GF $@a }