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Remove deft config
3 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 59 deletions(-)

M emacs/.doom.d/config.org
M emacs/.doom.d/init.el
M emacs/.doom.d/packages.el
M emacs/.doom.d/config.org => emacs/.doom.d/config.org +1 -57
@@ 95,25 95,6 @@ Version 2017-07-25"
          (yank-pop 1)

(defun my/zetteldeft-find-file (file &optional empty)
  "Find FILE interactively using the minibuffer.
FILE must exist and be a relative or absolute path, with extension.
If FILE is not inside `deft-directory', create it with zetteldeft rules."
   (list (completing-read "Deft find file: " (deft-find-all-files-no-prefix))))
  (let* ((dir (expand-file-name deft-directory))
         (zdId (zetteldeft-generate-id))
         (zdName (concat zdId " " file)))
    (if (string-match (rx (seq ".org" eol)) file)
        (progn ; if the string ends in ".org" then I've chosen an existing file
          (setq file (concat dir "/" file))
          (deft-open-file file))
      (progn ; else I want to feed input into deft-new-file func
        (deft-new-file-named zdName)
        (unless empty (zetteldeft--insert-title))
        (when (featurep 'evil) (evil-insert-state))))))

(require 'edit-indirect)
(defun md/narrow-dwim (p)
  "Widen if buffer is narrowed, narrow-dwim otherwise.

@@ 429,35 410,6 @@ tell CLI applications that it's ok to dump really long output into the buffer
(setenv "PAGER" "cat")

** Deft
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
;; (map! :leader
;;         :prefix "n"
;;         :desc "Open deft" "d" 'deft-find-file)
;; (after! deft
;;   (setq deft-directory "~/Dropbox/notes"
;;         deft-use-filter-string-for-filename t))
*** Zetteldeft
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
(use-package! zetteldeft
  (deft-directory "~/Dropbox/org/zettelkasten")
   :prefix "d"
   :desc "Create new note and open" "n" 'zetteldeft-new-file
   :desc "Create new note and insert link" "N" 'zetteldeft-new-file-and-link
   :desc "Pick a note and insert a link" "i" 'zetteldeft-find-file-id-insert
   :desc "Follow a link" "f" 'zetteldeft-follow-link
   :desc "Select and search a link’s ID" "l" 'zetteldeft-avy-link-search
   :desc "Select a tag and search for it" "t" 'zetteldeft-avy-tag-search
   :desc "Search for a note" "s" 'my/zetteldeft-find-file
   :desc "Search for thing at point" "S" 'zetteldeft-search-at-point
   :desc "Search for id of current file" "c" 'zetteldeft-search-current-id))

** Dired
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp

@@ 490,7 442,7 @@ set the path to my [[https://github.com/jarun/buku][buku]] bookmarks
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
(setq ebuku-db-path "~/Dropbox/System/bookmarks.db")
** JavaScript (& Vue)
** JavaScript
Use two spaces for indentation
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
(after! js2-mode

@@ 509,14 461,6 @@ configure flycheck to use eslint
  (add-to-list 'flycheck-disabled-checkers 'lsp-ui)
  (setq flycheck-javascript-eslint-executable "eslint_d"))
disable background colour in =mmm-mode= (enabled by =vue-mode=)
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
(after! flycheck (flycheck-add-mode 'javascript-eslint 'vue-mode))
(add-hook 'vue-mode-hook #'lsp-vue-mmm-enable)
(add-hook 'mmm-mode-hook
          (lambda ()
            (set-face-background 'mmm-default-submode-face nil)))
** Web (& Svelte)
some web-mode config
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp

M emacs/.doom.d/init.el => emacs/.doom.d/init.el +1 -1
@@ 24,7 24,7 @@
        +childframe)               ; a search engine for love and life

       deft              ; notational velocity for Emacs
       ;;deft              ; notational velocity for Emacs
       doom              ; what makes DOOM look the way it does
       ;doom-dashboard    ; a nifty splash screen for Emacs
       ;;doom-quit         ; DOOM quit-message prompts when you quit Emacs

M emacs/.doom.d/packages.el => emacs/.doom.d/packages.el +0 -1
@@ 3,7 3,6 @@

(package! eink-theme)
(package! eldoc-box)
(package! zetteldeft)
(package! fish-mode)
(package! suggest)
(package! dash-at-point)