0ad37f5d — David Mynors 2 months ago main
Add pdf scanning functionality
a8131be1 — David Mynors 2 months ago
Add MIT license, remove git-crypt
0d8589ee — David Mynors 2 months ago
Rename proj to bubbin_bot; tidy some things up
make black and white pixels transparent
remove test message
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:idmyn/transparency-bot
c8d437de — David Mynors 7 months ago
Create main.yml
add requirements.txt for docker build
get API token from env when deployed with docker
add Dockerfile
resize the image if necessary
reply with processed img if username in whitelist
Add 1 git-crypt collaborator

New collaborators:

	93B6AF1D David Mynors <hello@davidmyno.rs>
download photos sent by users and convert them
function to turn white pixels transparent
add requests library
filter for photo messages
fix readme
get bot running with git-crypted token
create file for img submodule, set up testing
install pillow & python-telegram-bot