Your little expandable text snippet helper.
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#Snippet Pixie

Your little expandable text snippet helper.

#This is not the repository you're looking for!

You're very likely wanting the current version of Snippet Pixie.

The repository for the released version is on GitHub.


Please check out the above sites for the current release of Snippet Pixie.

#Project Status

This version of Snippet Pixie is a rewrite from scratch and is far from complete.

#Why a rewrite?

  • Improve the structure of the software for increased speed and utility.
  • ianmjones wants to learn the Go programming language.


As the rewrite is partly a vehicle for learning the Go programming language, this project is currently not accepting code contributions.

To follow along with its development please subscribe to my ianmjones YouTube channel and watch some Always Developing videos.

In particular, the Snippet Pixie: Next playlist might be of interest.

If you spot something that you think could be improved, please comment on the YouTube video, or post to the mailing list.

#Mailing Lists

To discuss Snippet Pixie please post to the snippetpixie-discuss mailing list.

There is also a low-volume mailing list for announcements related to the Snippet Pixie project. This is a read-only list.


There is a #snippetpixie IRC channel on the Libera.Chat network.


This project uses the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

#Build Status

builds.sr.ht status