v1.0.2 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

* Fix copying snippet on Wayland
* Fix pasting snippet on Wayland (when using standards compliant compositor)
* Remove dependency on cgo and xtst
* Now depends on xclip and xdotool for X Server
* Now depends on wl-clipboard and wtype for Wayland
* Other dependencies updated
* Minor fixes to man pages

v1.0.1 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

No changes from v1.0.0, fixes issue with go module references.

v1.0.0 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Initial release

1.0.0-beta.2 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Various small (mostly build related) fixes.

1.0.0-beta.1 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

* Add manual pages
* Enable d-bus introspection for snippetexpanderd services
* Update dependencies

1.0.0-alpha.3 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

* Update snippets in GUI and Expander when snippets are updated in daemon by any means.

* v101 export files are now able to be imported into Snippet Pixie.

1.0.0-alpha.2 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Minor fixups for GUI desktop file and site's icons.

1.0.0-alpha.1 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

First alpha of Snippet Expander 1.0.0, a rewrite of Snippet Pixie.

There's still plenty of polish needed, but the basics are working:

* CLI for controlling daemons and managing snippets.
* Daemon that does most of the work, servicing requests from CLI, auto expander, and GUI.
* Auto expander daemon that works with accessible apps to expand snippets while you type.
* GUI for managing snippets, with Search & Paste mode for quick select and paste into non-accessible apps.