Update dependencies listed on site
Remove deploy to snippetpixie.org
Only add webkit2_41 tag to wails build if needed on Debian etc
Update Debian CI config
Enable use on Ubuntu 24.04
Apply minor fixes to docs
Add runtime dependencies section to site
Maybe manage to clone a working version of hut
Use hut v0.4.0
Avoid hut bug when used in Debian CI
Remove duplicate lib entry from Debian build config
Update debian changelog for v1.0.2
Remove redundant dependencies
Add xclip, wl-clipboard, xdotool & wtype .deb deps
Fix pasting snippet on wayland

Like with the copy to clipboard fix, this fix introduces dependencies on
either xdotool or wtype, depending on whether app is running under X11
or Wayland display server.
Fix copying snippet to clipboard on wayland

Unfortunately, now requires xclip/xsel or wl-clipboard programs as
Update dependencies
Add watch-test target to Makefile
Add ability to follow system theme, or specifically dark or light theme
Add theme cookie to site