Add safeURL to atom.xml template's link elements
Wails v2 Released
2022-09-02 12:42:03
Remove snippetpixie.org from domains
Back in the Always Developing saddle.
Ensure dev docker instances restart on reboot, update gmnisrv config.
Start removing some excess domains.
Use a single EXPOSE command.
Remove second change of WORKDIR in builder stage.
Don't unnecessarily update apk cache.
Update reference to how secret is formatted.
Running HTTPS and Gemini sites on Fly.io
Update README to mention use of make and deployment to fly.io.
Oops, forgot to trim down mount path. 🤦
Use more generic mount path for gemini certs.

As the volume is encrypted, we can enable reuse
of the volume's mount path.
Add serving gemini sites to fly.io deployment.
Add local dev gemini server run via docker.
Fix spacing in gemini index, add start-dev target to Makefile.
Move podcast archive under alwaydeveloping.
Add home link to default template.