Simple unintrusive ppx rewriter that offers Seq literals
Hygiene: fix [%seq.inf inf] etc..
Hygiene: remove uses of polymorphic eq and lt
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simple unintrusive ppx rewriter that provides easy-to-construct sequence syntax

this rewriter aims to facilitate the use of Seq module, especially after the
excellent additions to it starting from OCaml 4.14


the package is provided in opam.ocaml.org, just issue the following

  $ opam install ppx_seq

you can also build it locally with dune

  $ dune build
  $ dune install

if you want to work on a dev version, you can use `opam pin` on this repository


play around with the rewriter in your favourite toplevel like so

  # without project, in shell
  $ ocaml $(ocamlfind printppx ppx_seq) [options...]

  # or
  $ ocaml -ppx 'ocamlfind ppx_seq/ppx.exe -as-ppx' [options...]

  (* or, in a toplevel and with ocamlfind *)
  # #require "ppx_seq"

  (* within a project that depends on ppx_seq *)
  # #use_output "dune top"

compile executables with the rewriter as a preprocessor like so

  # a shortcut is provided when compiling, not invoking a toplevel
  $ ocamlfind (c|opt) -package ppx_seq [options...]

  # ocamlfind is only used for convenience, so you can use ppx directly.. e.g.
  $ ocaml[c|opt] -ppx '..../lib/ppx_seq/ppx.exe -as-ppx' [options...]

  ;; or in a dune file
   (preprocess (pps ppx_seq)))