Shigoto is a simple and minimalistic todo.txt parser and manager
50c9835d — Paul (hxii) Glushak 3 years ago
Added basic time tracking and more password security. See https://0xff.nu/shigoto for details
43006a2e — Paul (hxii) Glushak 4 years ago
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#仕事 - Shigoto

Shigoto Logo

Shigoto is a minimalistic todo.txt parser and manager. It was created as a personal tool to try and get used to organizing tasks properly in a bloat-free manner.

#What it doesn't have

  • Sorting is currently broken.
  • Code is most likely not optimized.
  • Not ready for mobile yet.
  • Something else? let me know!

#What it has

  • Reads and parses todo.txt.
  • Filtering based on project, context and priority.
  • Archiving (done.txt) and marking as done.
  • Password protected. (TBD)


  1. Set hashed password in config.php using BCrypt.
  2. Copy and paste your todo.txt file in the same folder as Shigoto. (if you don't have one, an empty file will be created)


  • This was created as a personal project, so basically everything is an afterthought.
  • This is supposed to be minimalistic, but I tried covering the basics. If you think something basic is missing, let me know!
  • This code in this project is far from ideal, but I'm getting better.