1163d049c2351a62b0bf962bf986c2d2b9ecc82a — Paul (hxii) Glushak 3 years ago 92320f6 master
Remove custom page form. oopsie
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

M template/page.php
M template/page.php => template/page.php +0 -12
@@ 8,17 8,5 @@ $html = <<<EOD
		<div class="meta g">Last Modified: {$page->content->modified}</div>
echo $html;
/* -- CUSTOM ------------ */
echo <<<EOD
	<form id="contactform" action="https://formsubmit.io/send/b6458e9e-99b8-4e08-9cbc-d758377014e1" method="POST">
		<textarea name="comment" id="comment" rows="4" aria-label="Your comment" placeholder="Let's discuss this.&#x1F603; This form sends me an anonymized email using Formsubmit. Don't forget to mention your name and e-mail address if you'd like me to respond."></textarea>
		<input name="entry" type="hidden" value="{$page->content->title}">
		<input name="_formsubmit_id" type="text" style="display:none">
// echo $form;
/* -- END --------------- */

include 'footer.php';