add some notes about what we're doing here.
update project to build a signed and notarized universal app.

to submit the application for notarization, an application-specific password will be required, and notarytool will need to be set up with a keychain profile for that password.
update include path for libjpeg-turbo
update notes to include download of Sparkle framework
Use locally provided Sparkle framework
use a prebuilt libjpeg-turbo from upstream
8621950b — Andreas Boeckler 7 years ago
bumping version to 2.2b3
56b4c430 — Andreas Boeckler 7 years ago
build_release.sh - script
6091b5b3 — Andreas Boeckler 7 years ago
BuildPhase for creating a DMG file
69f65752 — boecko 7 years ago
Update LICENSE.md
04fc7386 — Andreas Boeckler 7 years ago
Category Utilities
eaffe3dc — Andreas Boeckler 7 years ago
Removed old 10.4SDK stuff. Target is now 10.7
f8a65bbb — Andreas Boeckler 7 years ago
4abecbd6 — Andreas Boeckler 7 years ago
62797e8b — Andreas Boeckler 7 years ago
removed CVSROOT
6620f88e — dustinac 8 years ago
Remove unused message from interface.

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2841f509 — dustinac 8 years ago
Cleanup strange comment.

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9141d23f — dustinac 8 years ago
Remove debugging output.

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ef14b24d — dustinac 8 years ago
Cast to make message unambiguous.

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4769dca8 — dustinac 8 years ago
Address resolution for Rendezvous servers is now performed when
connecting, rather than when the server appears. This means that servers
which change IP address after appearing will still work and is analogous
to when we do DNS resolution. Note that SSH tunnelling for Rendezvous
servers is broken for the moment.

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