enable server if we're the first visitor
clean up a bit now that we're only using pike 8.0
support for minimum and maximum SSL/TLS versions (differing versions for SNI configurations not currently supported)
also support for choosing a particular host on a cert for sni and some fixes for pike 8.0 and tls.
storage: method "None" was missing stop function. should fix error on shutdown
basic sni support. still probably want a setting to enable sni on the port
beginning of support for SNI virtual hosting
placeholder for SNI certificate handling
empty variable names were being recorded using encoded names
123sessions: fix empty redirect error caused by possibly malformed prestates
business graphics: correct type when using pike 8
auth_sqluserdb: fix embedded array when using additional fields
cimg: fix incorrect cache name
Update licensing information
switch README to UTF-8
Disable caching module definitions, as it is broken on Pike 8.0 and
probably not worth the added complexity.
Add illumos/Solaris SMF support. Also add some installation guidance.
f6e9e07b — Bill Welliver 7 years ago
Merged in cheese123/caudium/master-typos (pull request #4)

small typos + links