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Changes in Caudium 1.5.1 since Caudium 1.4.1
- Pike 8.0 is now required for Caudium 1.5
  (Bill Welliver)
- Added a missing method to Storage.Methods.None that caused errors
   to be logged at shutdown.
  (Bill Welliver)
- Add ability to specify minimum and maximum TLS/SSL versions on a 
   listen port (SNI based virtual host configs do not yet override).
  (Bill Welliver) 
- Fix for running SSL/TLS on Pike 8.0 that could cause a request hangs.
  (Bill Welliver)
- Add ability to limit the host matching a virtual server when using
   SNI virtual hosting. See Server Variables/SNI.../Hostname to Match.
  (Bill Welliver)
- Support for SNI based virtual hosting on SSL/TLS ports. See Server
  (Bill Welliver)
- Decoded queries with empty variables should now use properly decoded
   names for those variables.
  (Bill Welliver)