Web client for lotide—like Luna, just in different language
Split API objects from structs
Add about page to footer
Add post-related structs


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#Yue: A client for the federated forum lotide


Lotide is a minimalist federated forum: it's like Reddit, but everyone can host their own server, and see other server's content.


Yue is a client for lotide. It aims to gives lotide a different look, like how new Reddit is to old Reddit, while remaining the simplicity. Accessibility is also one of the main concern for Yue.

Yue is currently in its incubation stage.

  • Lemmy: Another federated forum
  • hitide: the default front-end for lotide
  • Luna: Another lotide front-end and is Yue's sister project. It is currently abandoned due to my regret about technology choice and name choice.