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I am a web backend developer, though I'm open to experiment in other fields as well. You can look at my project on:

See my CV in PDF format here.


  • Bachelor: University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, 2018-2021

#Work Experience


So far I have only worked as intern in VC Corp. During my internship there, I created a disposable mail system as a proof of concept. Afterwards, I have been working with their mail system for a short while.


#School projects


Acanban is an in-development academic-oriented project management system.

So far, we have implemented only basic project collaboration features. There is much work to be done in the future.


Palace is a 3D audio library in Python. It is a wrapper around OpenAL for Python, expecting to provide developers with modern and intuitive utilities for audio processing.

#Personal projects


  • YAltaCV, a Python script that generate AltaCV-themed CV from YAML.
  • [Round Robin][rr-sched], a web-based personal time scheduler inspired by process scheduler algorithm of the same name.


I'm most comfortable with Vietnamese for casual conversation and English for working (such as for documentation and commit message). I also can speak some French and German with low fluency and read/write them with the help of a dictionary.