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I am Huy. Use the pronoun "he" to refer to me in third person. I'm from Vietnam and besides Vietnamese and English; I also speak some French and German. I write mainly in English, since that's the one I'm most comfortable with, but I will translate some of my posts to other languages for practice.

I write about:

  • Programming
  • Learning languages
  • Conlanging
  • Digital freedom
  • Books or fiction in general

But it's primarily about technology in general.

#Correct mistakes

Any correction is appreciated, whether I state a wrong fact or make a grammar mistake.


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This means you are free to share the posts and modify them, provided that you attribute properly, link to the original content, and state your changes. Additionally, you have to share those changes under the same license.


This blog is built with jekyll and its minima theme. I used openring to generate others' blog posts from RSS feed.

I receive donate on liberapay/huy.ngo and patreon/__huy_ngo__.


The source code for generating this website can be found on source hut.