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    know enough to understand these deep meanings.
- <i>Le petit prince</i>, a novella with a childish theme but discuss many
    aspects of life in a lighthearted way.
- [Ellana][ellana] (<i>Le Pacte des MarchOmbres</i> series) (French)

Books I'm reading:

- [XKCD what if](what-if)
- [Ellana][ellana] (<i>Le Pacte des MarchOmbres</i> series) (French)
- [Ellana: L'envol][ellana-2] (<i>Le Pacte des MarchOmbres</i> series) (French)
- <i>The Necromancer</i> (<i>The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel</i>
- <i>A Storm of Swords</i>(<i>A Song of Ice and Fire</i> series)

[what-if]: https://store.xkcd.com/pages/if-you-re-looking-for-the-what-if-book
[ellana]: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL24210815W/Le_Pacte_des_MarchOmbres_-_Ellana
[ellana-2]: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL24339191W/Ellana_l%27envol

## Project ideas

Here are some project ideas that I have in mind, yet don't have the time to
implement any of them.  You'll probably find some drafts, but practically no
work is done:

- a fully ActivityPub complient server with some features from this
  [wishlist][fediwishlist], with several clients that each serve a purpose
- a modern text browser with vim keybinding
- several non-standard libs:
  - a rewrite for `time` module in Go
  - internalisation modules
- universal internalisation package, which contains common phrases like
    "Settings", "Log in", "Account" pre-translated
- redesign this blog

[fediwishlist]: https://vocalounge.cafe/@samgai/108172519049749168

## Comics