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#layout: page title: Contact language: en ref: contact

If you don't know me, it's probably best to contact me via email. Please follow this guidelines for any other contact method:


  • I prefer English as my working language, but feel free to use any other if it's relevant.
  • Call me Huy, not Ngo. Vietnamese people don't refer to each other by family name.
  • No need for Mr., just the name is fine.


  • Don't send Word documents, and don't tell me to use it.
  • Similarly, don't send RAR archive. Maybe avoid sending archive in general.
  • Avoid sending

#Send in plain text

I probably would not read HTML emails, which is problematic. Read this page to see how to write mail in plain text file.

#What if I want to include an image?

Attach it as a file and refer to that. Maybe avoid images as a whole

You can use reference, like this:

Please read the post [1] for more information.

[1]: https://example.org/this-link-is-long-and-disruptive