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I am a web backend developer, though I'm open to experiment in other fields as well. You can look at my projects on:

See my CV in PDF format here.


  • Bachelor: University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, 2018-2021

#Free Software work

I support free software by writing it and contribute to some projects within my ability. Below are some projects I've participated in development.

#Web apps


Acanban is an in-development academic-oriented project management system.

So far, we have implemented only basic project collaboration features. There is much work to be done in the future.



Palace is a 3D audio library in Python. It is a wrapper around OpenAL for Python, expecting to provide developers with modern and intuitive utilities for audio processing.

See demo in the video below (or see it on my Peertube):

#Chat bots

#Discord meme bot

Meme bot is a meme bot for discord using Reddit API. I have transferred the repo ownership to my friend dinhanhx



I added face culling and added texture to the 3D shooting game axuy by McSinyx.


The game uses palace for 3D audio by the way.


#Floating cheeses

The interplanetary wheels (or floating cheeses) are platform-unique, singly-versioned Python binary distributions backed by IPFS for security and reproducibility.

I occasionally participated in packaging for these distributions.


I am packaging dictd for Alpine Linux. It is unfortunately not done yet.


#Non-free software work

Not all of us can afford the luxury of being able to work full-time as free software developer. I still appreciate my time working in a non-free software company for the knowledge and experience I gained from there.


During my internship at VCCloud, I have worked with several problems related to mail, namely:

  • disposable mail service
  • mail tracking[^1]
  • mail searching

[^1]: I feel guilty working with a privacy-invading feature, but given the context that it is business email, it probably does not matter much.