An Android app to generate words, alternative to SaaSS tools


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#GenWord - Word generator for Android

Word generator is a tool that helps conlangers creating vocabulary and reduce the boring labor-intensive task. There have been several tools for such purpose, such as Awkword or Zompist Gen. However, considering that they are all SaaSS (Service as a Software Substitute, online services serving purposes that can be perfectly achieved by an offline software) or JavaScript web app, they unnecessarily force users to be online to be able to generate words. There are occasions users prefer to be offline, such as when they ride on a bus. A phone would be more often used in such case, which is why I made this as an Android app.

#How to run

Android's document gives detailed instruction of how to build run Android apps from source code. It also includes instruction for command line build in case you don't want to install Android Studio. You need Gradle 4.0.1 and Kotlin 1.3.72 or later for the build.

#To-do list

A check list for development tasks.


  • [ ] Installation instruction
  • [ ] Architecture
  • [ ] Usage


  • [X] Generate words
  • [X] Add rewrite rules
  • [X] Add forbidden rules
  • [ ] Handle multi pattern
  • [ ] Check carefully the input
    • [ ] categories
    • [ ] pattern
    • [ ] number
    • [ ] rewriteRules

#Quality Assurance

  • [ ] MainActivity
    • [ ] categories
    • [ ] pattern
    • [ ] time
    • [ ] generateWord()
    • [ ] generate()
    • [ ] rewrite()