The Guix channel used for Patchwork OS, a pseudo-distro built on top of GNU Guix
Use symlinks instead of duplicating the hwconfig package entirely
Add LICENSE (todo: headers)
Publish the Hyprland package


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#Patchwork OS - A customizable yet coherent Linux system based on GNU Guix


  • Uniform configuration system leveraging GNU Guix in order to connect configurations together

#Why Patchwork?

  • Patchwork is a system of Guix modules and configurations that leverage the ability to share information between application configurations to provide a coherent desktop experience.
    • For example, since we can define themes inside of the configuration, the aim is to eventually support theming all apps with predetermined Base16 colours (right now, we're stuck with what can have themes inserted out of the box)
  • Patchwork has sane defaults (providing a working Hyprland desktop with minimal apps out of the box), but everything can be swapped out using Guix (after all, it's just a bunch of Guix services under the hood).
  • Patchwork aims to be lightweight out of the box while being full featured enough for daily use