A simple mod used to automatically cross out roles in the Town of Salem 2 Role List
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Add Discord link
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Add position role tracking to deal with a bug seemingly exclusive to BTOS2
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Attempt to mitigate random extraneous role reveals



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#TOS2-Auto-Crossout - A mod which automatically crosses out known roles in the role list


  • This mod can be fooled by enchanters. Keep a close eye: if you see something which doesn't add up you may have one on your hands!


This project can be built in one of 2 ways:

  • Using the just build runner (which automates the setting of the Steam library path)
  • Manually passing arguments to dotnet build

In both cases, you're result will be found as dist/AutoCrossout.dll

#With Just

  1. Install just and one of it's supported bash shells (see the page for a list of those)
  2. Edit .env to have the path to your Steam library (the folder containing steamapps)
  3. Run just build-dev or just build-release to build a development or release build


  1. Run dotnet build -p:SteamLibraryPath="C:\\PATH\TO\YOUR\STEAM\LIBRARY" (with -c Release if you want a release build)


  • Find some way to incorporate manually crossed-out roles
  • Release on Salem Mod Loader


  • Curtis, who helped me learn the ropes of TOS2 modding (and who I got the rewritten code using Role Buckets from)
  • patr. on Discord, who told me about the GameObservations hook that drastically shortened this code and made it more compatible