The Guix channel used for Patchwork OS, a pseudo-distro built on top of GNU Guix


A social deduction game in the spirit of Town of Salem and Throne of Lies


Traitors in the Coven Design information


A simple mod used to automatically cross out roles in the Town of Salem 2 Role List


A simple catch-the-falling-items game in Bevy, created to learn 3D modelling & eventually game design


My new GNU Guix-SD configs (WIP)


Project definition and information


branstorming for our PDI project


My personal collection of Nix utilities


My literate NixOS dotfiles


My NUR package repository


Emacs PlatformIO integration


Named tuples, records, and more!


Proc macro for defining data storage structs (Rust)


A flavoured energy API for Fabric

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