A simple BF interpreter, debugger and linter written in Go.
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Visit the project page on humaidq.ae

1. Description

yabfig is a BF interpreter written in Go. It has also been extended to lint code (by removing un-interpreted characters) and to include a gdb-style interpreter.

2. Requirements

The following packages must be installed on your system.

  • Go (tested with 1.12)
  • Git

3. Copying and contributing

This program is written by Humaid AlQassimi, and is distributed under the BSD 2 Clause license.

4. Download and install

$ go get -u git.sr.ht/~humaid/yabfig
$ go install git.sr.ht/~humaid/yabfig

5. Usage

Usage: yabfig [option] <file>
    -lint       Lint (format) a Brainfuck file by removing spaces and non-instruction characters and output it to standard output.
    -debug      Run an interactive gdb-style debugger.

To run the example program hello-world.bf: sh $ yabfig programs/hello-world.bf Using the debugger to set breakpoints: ```sh $ yabfig -debug programs/hello-world.bf yabfig debugger for Brainfuck. Commands are similar to gdb, type help for a list of compatible commands. (yabfig-dbg) help List of commands:

run -- Run the program print [pos] -- Print value at memory position next [count] -- Execute next instruction[s] jump [pos] -- Jump to a program position and resume break [pos] -- Add breakpoint at program position clear [pos] -- Delete breakpoint at program position watch [n = x] -- Set watchpoint when memory position n is x kill -- Kill program execution (yabfig-dbg) b 98 Breakpoint #1 at position 98 (yabfig-dbg) b 102 Breakpoint #2 at position 102 (yabfig-dbg) b 106 Breakpoint #3 at position 106 (yabfig-dbg) r Running program: programs/hello-world.bf Hello WorldBreakpoint hit at position 98 (yabfig-dbg) c !Breakpoint hit at position 102 (yabfig-dbg) c

Breakpoint hit at position 106 (yabfig-dbg) c Program exited (yabfig-dbg) ```

6. Change log

  • v0.1 (Mar 8 2019)
    • Initial release
  • v0.2 (Mar 18 2019)
    • Added linter
    • Added unit tests
    • Interpreter as a struct with methods
  • v0.2.1 (Mar 18 2019)
    • Add GoDoc
    • Move Interpreter to a separate package
  • v0.3 (Mar 22 2019)
    • Add a simple gdb-style debugger
    • Improve interpreter functions