7db5760e — Humaid AlQassimi 1 year, 1 month ago master
Update libraries, remove Q&A page.

Also add basis of privacy policy, and made SQLite the default.
Change meta text colour to meet WCAG AAA level.
Prevent login code from being bruteforced.
models: Reenable cache
templates: make badge radio boxes label associate with the buttons.

Also reorder the button placing for anonymous posting.
css: format pre and code blocks
css: make blockquotes look good.
Fix transparent images in dark mode. Also bump version.
css: prevent images in posts from being too huge in mobile devices.
Show comments in request data, and hide null fields.
Show badges in registered users list.
Login validation -> verification.
Add a print/lite page for posts.
Remove duplicate item in namegen adjectives list.
Make alert boxes modern, change font selection...

Alert boxes no longer have the classic outline, and has a curved border.

Source Sans Pro is no longer in the list of font selection, and the dark
theme for grey alert box is darker.
Remove some redundant flash messages.

We can assume that no errors means success.
Reorganise CSS file and improve mobile responsiveness.

Some items will be shorter in the navbar on smaller screens.
Add dark theme customisations for alert boxes and buttons.

Also tweaked font colours and input/textarea borders for dark theme.
Use Site Name and SMTP from configuration for mailer.