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*This is a [now page](https://nownownow.com/about), which is where I write a
summary of what I am doing right now.*

**Last updated:** 3rd February 2022, from Ajman, United Arab Emirates.
**Last updated:** 15th May 2022, from Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

I got married and have graduated with Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours
of the first class during summer of 2021.

I currently work at [TII](https://tii.ae), where I build and test [secure
drones](https://youtu.be/7UBccWJThqk). But in my free time, I try to work on my
side projects -- including the recipes section on this website!
On August 2021, I started working at the [Technology Innovation
Institute](https://tii.ae), where I build and test secure drones.

My current top goals are improving my skill set (regarding Linux, programming,
and computer security) and optimising my time management to get more things
Recently, I have been waking up early in the morning to work on my
side-projects, which is the only way I can get my work done since
starting a full-time job.