A patch for FF v2.3 to allow steps to be formatted for humans.
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#Fast-Forward with steps formatting

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#1. Description

This is a patch for Fast-Forward which allows the steps to be formatted in a human-readable way, by providing a 'format file' as a parameter.

#2. Requirements

The following packages must be installed on your system.

  • Unix patch utility
  • GNU Make
  • A C compiler (defaults to gcc)
  • GNU Bison
  • flex

This patch is written for FF v2.3, and will probably not work with later versions.

#3. Copying and contributing

Fast-Forward is released under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later, and so is the patch.

#4. Downloading and patching

Extract FF, and copy the patch file in the extracted directory. Then run the following command to apply the patch and compile:

$ patch < steps-format-v1.patch
$ make

Then you will have a binary with the patch.

#5. Example Usage

The patch adds an additional parameter -h to the program, which allows you to pass a 'format file.' For example:

$ ./ff -o domain.pddl -f prob.pddl -h problem-format.txt

And let's say we have a particular personWalk action:

(:action personWalk
	(?from   - room
	 ?to     - room
	 ?person - person)

To format the output of this action, we can add the following to our format file:

PERSONWALK $2 walks from the $0 to the $1

Now that we run the command, we should get:

ff: found legal plan as follows

step    0: PERSONWALK HUMAID walks from the KITCHEN to the LIVING-ROOM