Add link to project page in README
Update README file to match website
Add build CI file and gitignore
37e83562 — Humaid AlQassimi 4 years ago
Completed all standard game mechanics (I hope)

This probably finalized my first idea of the program.

Signed-off-by: Humaid AlQassimi <me@hmksq.ae>
75003e72 — Humaid AlQassimi 4 years ago
The project is near completion

Fixed many mechanics for handling cards, the winner detection ready to be completed.
e7a65faa — Humaid 4 years ago
Start working on a live web interface

fixed some bugs, still more to go!
8a238ce3 — Humaid 4 years ago
Use Coveralls

Codecov doesn't really work right
2c08aec2 — Humaid 4 years ago
Split functions into functions and made code easier to work with

also fixed some mechanics
77296c14 — Humaid 4 years ago
Fix Spades terms, it is messed up.

Also added more comments and improved code.
69c32331 — Humaid 4 years ago
Fixed Codecov

f1b54f3b — Humaid 4 years ago
Really important files for GitHub

82c63ca8 — Humaid 4 years ago
Make things work again

93dc19f1 — Sheikh Humaid AlQassimi 4 years ago
Cow is in the wild!