A 4D movie scripting program which runs on a Raspberry Pi using GPIO.
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#1. Purpose

A picture of 4DG control panel

The goal of this program is to allow anyone to create a 4D movie script. When run on a Raspberry Pi, the program will allow you to control Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins.

The program can be controlled using a web interface, and is written in Go.

#2. Requirements

The following packages must be installed on your system.

  • Go
  • Git

A Raspberry Pi is also preferred, otherwise the program would run in simulation mode.

#3. Copying and contributing

This program is written by Humaid AlQassimi, and is distributed under the GPLv3.

#4. Download and install

$ go get -u git.sr.ht/~humaid/_4dg
$ go install git.sr.ht/~humaid/_4dg

#5. Usage

If running on a Raspberry Pi, the program should run as root, otherwise GPIO couldn't be accessed.

$ _4dg run