Ajman, United Arab Emirates


A Computer Science student.


A forum-like web app for university students to post notes and question.


A joke application protocol.


NS2 trace file analyser web app


A patch for FF v2.3 to allow steps to be formatted for humans.


A simple Casio Basic decoder for '.g1m' files generated by Casio calculators.


CowChina is a logger for a variant of Spades called Hokm. It detects invalid moves (cheating) and winners.


A simple BF interpreter, debugger and linter written in Go.


A suckless pomodoro application written in C.


A simple tool that converts godoc output to markdown


A morse code web messaging application written in a two-hour hackaton.


A simple shared-hosted ecommerce website generator based on a spreadsheet.


Go rewrite of hmsh, the POSIX-uncompliant shell.


A 4D movie scripting program which runs on a Raspberry Pi using GPIO.


Solutions to the EulerProject.net problems

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