Ajman, United Arab Emirates


A Computer Science student.


Source code of humaidq.ae website.


UAE COVID-19 Herd Immunity estimation using polynomial regression


Year 4 Dissertation Implementation


Extracts Server Name Indication from pcap file or live.


Allows downloading Bb Collaborate recordings by adding a Download Recording item in the side menu.


A simple Cloudflare DDNS client.


My dwm status bar updater written in Rust


Humaid's Mod Player written in Bash


A forum-like web app for university students to post notes and question.


A tool which converts SQL CREATE TABLE to Go structures for GORM


A joke application protocol.


NS2 trace file analyser web app


A patch for FF v2.3 to allow steps to be formatted for humans.


A simple Casio Basic decoder for '.g1m' files generated by Casio calculators.

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