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# find differences in 2 versions of the same directory

dui _(delete update insert)_ enables you to create multiple indexes of the same directory
and compare these indexes to get information about new files (inserts), changed files (updates) and deleted files.
E.g. in a backup scenario one can decide if incremental or full backup is necessary.

## usage

there are basically two modes
1. create index
```dui -d /dir/to/index -f /name/of/index.file```
2. compare index
```dui -f /name/of/index.file -c /name/of/index2.file```
Comparison will output a tab-separated list of new, changed, deleted files with their size in bytes.
insert  /my/data/file   5231
update  /my/data/file2  100
update  /my/data/file3  300
delete  /my/date/file4  2425533
Using the ```-s```flag the output will be summarized
insert  1   5231
update  2   400
delete  1   2425533