compare 2 lists of files from the same FS, get size of deletions, updates, inserts
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status: working beta; new -s flag
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#find differences in 2 versions of the same directory

dui (delete update insert) enables you to create multiple indexes of the same directory and compare these indexes to get information about new files (inserts), changed files (updates) and deleted files. E.g. in a backup scenario one can decide if incremental or full backup is necessary.


there are basically two modes

  1. create index dui -d /dir/to/index -f /name/of/index.file
  2. compare index dui -f /name/of/index.file -c /name/of/index2.file Comparison will output a tab-separated list of new, changed, deleted files with their size in bytes.
insert  /my/data/file   5231
update  /my/data/file2  100
update  /my/data/file3  300
delete  /my/date/file4  2425533

Using the -sflag the output will be summarized

insert  1   5231
update  2   400
delete  1   2425533