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#WEM Changelog


  • Pre run is now ran when doing --exec
  • Added escapes to the tutorial init example run exe


  • Updated documentation that was out of date, including the manpage and tutorial


  • Created this changelog
  • Give the correct warning when an invalid var is used in a cfg (don't say the env doesn't exist..)
  • Adjusted some common wording
  • InfoDate isn't printed in run output if it isn't set
  • Spaces are now escaped in dry-run output
  • String rendering is now recursive
  • Fix a bug with --exec where giving no exec args would pass "" as an arg
  • Package docs and the license in build tarballs
  • Renamed the cmd package to actions to better follow go conventions


  • The build pipeline now sets the app version at compile time
  • Added additional build flags


  • Changed the wem proton deprecation message


  • Properly handle executables with spaces in their names


  • Set WINE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE=1 when DXVK is in use (#10)
  • Allow - in env names


  • Fixed several dry-run bugs
  • Stop recommending go get as an install method


  • Allow setting an env's "Info Date" from the command line (#37)
  • Fixed bugs with saving an env after editing it via the CLI
  • Deprecated wem proton; wem binary to replace it
  • Added --exec-args


  • Fixed some new prefix creation bugs (#16)
  • Added a reasonably thorough integration test that runs WEM against an actual win32 binary (#32)
  • General code cleanup


  • Improved file handling code
  • Added more tests


  • Fixed dry-run output for --exec
  • Include missing wine command args in dry-run output


  • Added more missed completions


  • Fixed some wording
  • Added missed completions


  • Made code more compatible with older go versions
  • Exposed more useful errors
  • Made win64 the default env arch instead of win32
  • Pretty print things (tab-aligned)


  • Exposed some errors that were accidentally ignored
  • WEM now tries to detect when install has successfully happened


  • Added missing go module data


Initial public release