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#WEM 6 "APRIL 2021" "WEM %s" "User Manuals"


wem - a tool for managing wine "envs" or prefixes.




WEM is a command-line tool that abstracts setting up a wine prefix for gaming.

It uses a plaintext, toml-formatted configuration file for each prefix (known as "envs") but may also be configured via command-line options.


WEM makes many options available for configuring an env, as well as --no-FOO versions of each one to negate a value.

These options apply to the cfg, init, and run commands:

--info-date INFO-DATE Optional release date for this env's program

--gog-silent-install Pass flags to a GOG.com installer to silence as much output as possible

--install-args INSTALL-ARGS Additional arguments to use when running this env's install program

--install-exe INSTALL-EXE The executable to run for installation

--install-expected INSTALL-EXPECTED A file or directory that should be expected to exist when this env is fully installed

--install-workdir INSTALL-WORKDIR The working directory to be used for installation

--quiet-run Suppress output from running

--run-args RUN-ARGS Additional arguments to use when running this env's program

--run-exe RUN-EXE The executable to run for this env

--run-prefix RUN-PREFIX Optional prefix for the run exe

--run-suffix RUN-SUFFIX Optional suffix for the run exe

--run-pre RUN-PRE Optional pre-run command to run

--run-post RUN-POST Optional post-run command to run

--run-workdir RUN-WORKDIR The working directory for running this env's program

--reduce-pulse-latency Set the environment variable PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60 to improve audio quality

--restart-pulse Restart Pulseaudio before running the env

--restore-resolution Attempt to restore your desktop resolution on exit

--single-core Force the env process to run on a single core

--sys-env-vars KEY=VAL KEY=VAL Environment variables to set

--vulkan-icd-loader PATH Path to a Vulkan ICD loader

--dxvk-version VERSION DXVK version to use, if any

--esync Enable esync

--fsync Enable fsync

--wine-arch win32 or win64 Wine arch to use

--wine-args ARG1 ARG2 Args to pass to wine itself

--wine-dlloverrides dllone,dlltwo=n,b String to pass to WINEDLLOVERRIDES

--wine-exe PATH Path to a wine executable

--wine-prefix PATH Path to the wine prefix for the env

--winetricks-path PATH Path to a winetricks executable

--virtualdesktop WIDTHxHEIGHT Use a virtual desktop

--vkd3d-version VERSION The VKD3D version to use

Please see wem help or the online documentation (link below) for more details.

#Variable Expansion

All WEM options support two forms of variable expansion:

  1. Environment variables such as $HOME
  2. Other WEM options, in the form of {{.OptionName}} (e.g. {{.WinePrefix}}, and note the leading period)

Note that only one level of variables will expand; nested variables are not supported.


build version args Build wine from source code; assumes that all required build dependencies are present.

completion args Generate completion files for bash and fish.

init env-name args Create a new wine env, with default values or those derived from user-supplied options.

install env-name args Run the env "InstallExe" as configured.

help Show all command-line options with their descriptions.

cfg env-name Show or edit the configuration of an env.

list args List available/installed: DXVK, envs, GE Protons, wine, and VKD3D versions. Please note that listing available versions will query the Github API, which is ratelimited at 60 requests per hour.

man args Show this manpage, or write it to a file for system-wide installation.

proton version Install GE Proton.

run env-name args Run the env "RunExe" as configured.

tutorial args Show the six-page WEM tutorial, right in your terminal.

Each command accepts a --help argument which will display command-specific options.


~/.config/wem/wem.cfg The base WEM configuration, defines where various base directories are.

~/.config/wem/$env.cfg Env-specific configuration.


Please see the project issue tracker for all known bugs and planned features.


Hristos N. Triantafillou me@hristos.co





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