Get the version from git at compile time

Also use the build flags I'm using in the AUR PKGBUILD.
Only InstallExe is technically needed to install
A better deprecation message

People can't use what doesn't yet exist!
Handle executables with spaces in their names
Don't forget to render the actual thing
Time for another release
Set WINE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE=1 when DXVK is in use (#10)
Allow - in env names, and properly handle names on init
Don't suggest go get anymore

The behavior is inconsistent, and changing anyways. And even if I do
`go install git.sr.ht/~hristoast/wem@latest` several hours after
pushing a commit, I still seem to get old code. So just don't do it.
Fix several dry-run bugs

As well as the tests that proved the incorrect behavior (doh)
Don't save envs under a new file when the name is changed (#37)
Correctly detect a prefix

This fixes a bug I introduced the last time I touched this code. I
even changed the test to match my bug! Ewps.
Deprecate the proton command
Properly react to install commands when opts are missing
Don't leave stuff behind