Ensure that unique items stay unique!
Code cleanup, use the API to read and save cells, players
Use a validator to beat a rare race condition



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Ensure that unique items stay unique!

Requires DataManager and LuaFileSystem (included in this repo)!

Unique items are now limited to one at a time. Any extras that happen to be found or spawned in will be zapped out of existence.

Players that haven't logged in for a certain amount of time (30 days by default) will lose any unique items they are holding.


  1. Place this repository into your CoreScripts/scripts/custom/ directory.

  2. Place lib/lfs.so into your CoreScripts/lib directory.

  3. Add the following to CoreScripts/scripts/customScripts.lua:



  • announcePickups

Boolean. Announce to all players when a unique item is picked up. Default: true

  • dbUpdateInterval

Integer. The number of real world hours between database updates. Set to 0 to disable. Default: 24

  • deathDrop

Boolean. Set this to true if you have another script that causes items to be dropped on player death. Default: false

  • deathDropMsg

String. The message that's displayed when a player dies and drops their items. Default: "You've lost your held unique items!"

  • dupeItemMsg

String. The message that's displayed when a player picks up an already held unique. Default: "The item you found has disintegrated in your hands!"

  • idleDaysLimit

Integer. The number of days before a player is considered idle and their held uniques removed. Set to 0 to disable. Default: 30

  • rare_item_ids

Table of strings. The RefId of any item that's to be considered unique.

The below links were used as a reference for the default list: