A server-side lua implementation of Natural Character Growth And Decay - MW by Greywander for TES3MP.
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Import existing players rather than crash the server (#1)
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Don't cause a server crash if playedTime data isn't found (#1)
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Better emphasize the current lack of support for non-NCGD players



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A server-side lua implementation of Natural Character Growth And Decay - MW by Greywander, for TES3MP.


  • Requires DataManager!
  • Existing, non-NCGD players are not supported!
  • Your attributes grow automatically as your skills increase.
  • Leveling happens automatically as attributes increase.
  • Attribute modifier numbers and skill attributes (which skills increase which attributes) are fully configurable.
  • Your attributes, level, and skills will also decay over time. (Optional)
  • On death, the decay rate is accelerated. (Optional, with optional effect stacking)


  1. Place this repo into your CoreScripts/scripts/custom/ directory.

  2. Add the following to CoreScripts/scripts/customScripts.lua:

    -- DataManager needs to before NCGD, like this
    DataManager = require("custom/DataManager/main")
  3. Ensure that DataManager loads before this mod as seen above.

  4. Optionally configure NCGD by editing the CoreScripts/data/custom/__config_ncgdTES3MP.json file (see below).

Differences from MWscript NCGD

  • No mastery effects; skills can raise to whatever the server max values are without them.
  • Scripts are not ran every frame or tick, but when OnPlayerSkill fires (among other events used).
  • There are no in-game player dialogue GUIs, and there is currently no way to migrate a non-NCGD player.
    • There is presently no way to properly convert existing players to NCGD since I can't know what their starting attributes are.
  • Decay rates are gotten from an individual player's in-game hours spent playing, not the total world time that's passed.
  • This version is highly configurable; almost every value that matters is tweakable (see below).
  • Optional decay acceleration when a player dies, that is optionally stackable if they keep dying (see below).
  • In-game chat commands for recalculating things on the fly. Optionally for admins only (see below).
  • No client plugin is needed.


Several commands are offered for recalculating data on the fly:

  • /ncgd health: Recalculates health (shortcut: h)
  • /ncgd recalcattrs: Recalculates all attributes from skill values (shortcut: a)
  • /ncgd reloadskilldata: Reloads NCGD's internal skill numbers from player data (shortcut: s)
  • /ncgd all: All of the above, in one

All commands have a configurable cooldown (see below).


  • Attribute modifiers

Each attribute modifier is fully configurable. Look for the modifiers key in the config file and edit to suit your needs. Default: what's in mwscript NCGD

  • Skill Attributes

An array of strings. Indicates which attributes are affected by a particular skill's increase. Default: what's in mwscript NCGD

  • attributeCapMsg

String. Message that's displayed to players when they reach the server's attribute cap. The string is passed to string.format() with an attribute name as an argument. Default: Your %s is being limited by otherworldly forces...

  • cmdCooldown

Integer. The number of seconds between commands. Default: 30

  • deathDecay.enabled

Boolean. Enables a period of accelerated decay after death. Default: true

  • deathDecay.durationHrs

Integer. The number of in-game hours accelerated decay caused by death will last. Default: 1

  • deathDecay.modifier

Integer. The default decay rate is multipled by this value after death. Default: 2

  • deathDecay.stack

Boolean. Controls whether decay acceleration increases will be stacked if multiple deaths occur before the duration expires. Default: false

  • decayMinLvl

Integer. The minimum level a skill can decay to. Default: 15

  • decayRate

String. Set the rate of skill decay: fast, standard, slow or none. Default: fast

  • decayRates.*

Integer. Control the weight of each decay level. Default: 0, 1, 2, and 3 for none, slow, standard, and fast, respectively.

  • forceLoad*

Boolean. Force load the related event hook for this mod in the event another one has disabled custom hooks. Default: false

  • growthRate

String. Set the rate of attribute growth: fast, standard, or slow. Default: slow

  • growthRates.*

Integers. Control the weight of each growth level. Default: 1, 2, and 3 for slow, standard, and fast, respectively.

  • healthMod

Boolean. Set whether or not health modifications should be applied. Default: true

  • levelCap

Integer. Set whether or not a level cap should be applied, 0 to disable. Default: 0

  • levelCapMsg

String. Message that's displayed to players when they reach the level cap. Default: Your level is being held back by otherworldly forces...

  • rankErr

String. Message that's displayed to players when they try to use a command but lack the required rank. Default: This command requires admin privileges!

  • reqRank

Integer. The player rank that's required to use commands. Default: 2