Validate your openmw.cfg file.
Case-sensitive option, false by default
Only exit nonzero when there's a problem



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Checks an openmw.cfg for:

  • Errors such as typos on data paths, folders that don't exist, or similar mistakes
  • A map of anything in your load order that overwrites files from another earlier load order entry - including a record of specific files that have been replaced
  • Load order conflicts or problems that may be hard to notice in game or otherwise

Supports: Linux, macOS, and Windows.


#Release Binary

Release binaries are published to Modding Hall.

#Go Get

You can use the go get command as well:

go get git.sr.ht/~hristoast/openmw-validator

This will install openmw-validator to $GOPATH/bin/.

#Source Build

Golang is required.

To build openmw-validator, ensure you have GNU Make installed and run one of the following commands depending on your OS and/or the build you desire:

make linux

make mac

make windows

The resulting binary will end up in the root of this repo. You can create a zip file with all binaries like this:

make pkg


usage: openmw-validator [-h] [-s] [-c CFG_FILE] [-p DATA_PATH] [--no-replace] [--quiet]

Validate an openmw.cfg file and ensure that configured data directories and
plugins exist and are usable, report any issues.

  -c, --cfg string          Path to an openmw.cfg file to validate
  -p, --check-path string   Report on an individual path, showing what is overwritten
  -h, --help                Show the usage information for this program
      --no-replace          Don't report when a data file is replaced by another
  -q, --quiet               Only minimal logging output
  -s, --stdout              Write the log to stdout instead of a file

#Check For Errors

Reports duplicated and empty data paths, as well as unusable content files.

openmw-validator --no-replace --quiet --stdout

#Check An Alternate File

openmw-validator --cfg my-cool-openmw.cfg

#Check A Specific Data Path

See what files from that path are overwitten by later paths.

openmw-validator --check-path c:\\games\\OpenMWMods\\MyCoolMod