An Openbox pipe menu generator that reads data from a YAML file.



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Generate an Openbox pipe menu from the contents of a yaml file.


go get git.sr.ht/~hristoast/obpmg


obpmg --yaml-file /path/to/some/menu.yml

obpmg -n -f /path/to/some/menu.yml

# Sample menu entry, use `obmenu` to create.
<menu execute="obpmg -f /path/to/my-menu.yml" id="pipe-2526" label="My Cool Menu"/>


Openbox menus are static and require reloading or restarting all of Openbox to apply any changes.

With obpmg, menus are dynamically generated from the contents of a YAML file. No reloading or restarting is needed when the contents of the YAML are changed; the menu is dynamically loaded.